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Race Week at Larchmont, N.Y. attracted 1,400 sailors and 400 boats this year and offered a vivid study in contrast, as these Morris Rosenfeld photographs show, with a heavy, sail-tearing squall one day, glassy windless calm the next


Regardless of how the thoroughbreds run, venerable tradition dictates picture hats

Modishly tilted straw adorns the Begum, wife of the toppered Aga Khan.

Prints and pearls are choice of Royal Family as part of traditional Ascot dress. The Queen eschews picture hat since custom dictates her face should always be visible.

Natural straw, loaded with marguerites, is worn by Hon. Mrs. Robin Cayzer.

Production hat of Mrs. Marina Wilkinson's is black with ostrich feathers.

Openwork straw with ripple brim is worn prettily by Miss Barbara Flower.


Proud of their jewel-toned sports cars, Westerners wear matching hues, symbols

California is lapping the rest of the U.S. in fashions which complement their jewel-toned sports cars. Not since the day of the duster and the automobile veil have there been clothes planned so specifically for life in an open car: snug-fitted hoods to protect the hair, car coats cut short to be out of the way, slim trousers to facilitate getting in and out of bucket seats with grace. And the men who drive sports cars have a British air about them, with visored caps which shade the eyes and cling to the head, tweed hacking jackets with side vents and tab-closing lapels and insulating crew-neck sweaters. Whether to work, to market, or to weekend outing, the clothes a tach watcher wears are as colorful and roadworthy as the machines they drive everywhere they go.

Canvas car coat (Jane Ford) and pants of the same check as the flags on her Thunderbird are worn by Mara Breech in front of bank of red California geraniums.

Road cap and Shetland sweater worn by Jack Hanson complement his white Jaguar, as do Sally Conlin's striped jag top with hood and tapered black pants (Jax).

Black jersey helmet is taken off by Jimmy Mitchell upon arrival at lemon grove picnic ground. Camel Bermuda shorts and olive cotton shirt tone in with husband Tommy Mitchell's tweed hacking jacket and their beige MG.

Car coat, print cotton blouse and flannel slacks (White Stag) repeat the aquamarine color scheme of Christie Herkenham's Thunderbird.

English roadster cap (Carroll & Co.), worn by Tommy Mitchell, matches hacking jacket with button tab at neckline, cuffed sleeves.

California water ski clothes show a penchant for dressing to match from trunks to skis. At Newport Beach, Calif., 12-year-old Bobby Mann of Monterey Park and his 8-year-old sister Marcia promenade across the ocean in Jantzen's Sea Tartan suits made of the same plaid cotton that has been laminated onto the surface of their Aqua-Glides. Skis come in five suit-matching patterns or as match-it-yourself kits.