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Mark Kauffman accompanies the Cincinnati Redlegs on a typical 12-day trip and finds that the on-field glamour of the diamond is all but obscured by frantic scrambles to make trains, meals at odd times and long, lonely hours in which they wait, wait, wait

Pitcher Joe Nuxhall reads the sports page in a Pullman berth at start of trip

Manager George (Birdie) Tebbetts rests on luggage before ride to Philadelphia

Coach Jimmy Dykes long ago learned how to doze in coach sea

Jackie Collum, Johnny Klippstein and Joe Black poker time away

Joe Brovia, 33-year-old rookie, writes a letter to his wife telling her of big league debut

Lobby sitting is traditional occupation practiced by Dykes, Rocky Bridges, Wally Post, Sam Mele

Early breakfast after night game starts day for Ted Kluszewski (facing camera), Johnny Temple who must make train

Like teammates, Joe Black is steady customer at newsstand for magazines, toys for his children

Quick snack after night game is grabbed by Matt Batts, Roy McMillan and Joe Black

Rain delays the start of second game of double-header

Railroad Agent Don Fagans calls to hold train after double-header

Players dress frantically to meet new schedule arranged by Fagans

Road Secretary John Murdough makes sure everybody is on bus

Top star Ted Kluszewski, "big brother on team," adjusts a neck medal for raw rookie Milt Smith

Cincinnati Post reporter Tom Swope, who has covered baseball for 40 years, types story on train

Early-rising Infielder Rocky Bridges pensively smokes a prebreakfast cigar

Homebound Joe Nuxhall relaxes and laughs at the repartee among his teammates