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Original Issue


This Sunday night on Ed Sullivan's nationally televised Toast of the Town program some of the brightest figures in sport will gather in a salute to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on its first anniversary. Their names and faces are familiar to everyone who follows sports; and their achievements have helped to make our first year—which SI recalls in this issue with eight pages of color and a review by Gerald Holland—a golden year.

Among the many guests who will be on hand are these: in track the Rev. Bob Richards of the pole vault and Arnold Sowell of the half mile; in basketball Bob Cousy of the Boston Celtics; in football George Welsh, quarterback of Navy; in horse racing Eddie Arcaro of Nashua and Willie Shoemaker of Swaps; in baseball Don Newcombe of the Dodgers; in bowling Steve Nagy of the All-Star; in tennis Tony Trabert and Louise Brough of Wimbledon and Bill Talbert of the Davis Cup and SI; in hockey Maurice (The Rocket) Richard of the Canadiens; in golf Ben Hogan of golf.

During the past year SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has been especially fortunate in the enthusiasm and cooperation which the producers and performers on countless radio and television broadcasts throughout the country have extended to this magazine.

Doubtless, many of you have watched and heard SI personalities on such network shows as Dave Garroway's Today, the CBS Morning Show, Arlene Francis' Home, Garry Moore's I've Got a Secret, Masquerade Party, Arthur Godfrey's morning program, Make Up Your Mind, Pop the Question, Don McNeill's Breakfast Club, What's My Line?, ABC's All-League Clubhouse, Art Linkletter's House Party, Bill Stern, NBC's Monitor and many others, including hundreds of local programs which space will not permit me to list here.

To Ed Sullivan and to all the rest I would like to express the sincere thanks of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Their response to the magazine is high among the reasons why our first birthday is a most happy birthday.