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Original Issue

The Question: Why are you renewing your subscription to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED?

Governor of Maryland
"Because of my love of sports in general. SI gives excellent coverage, and it views all sports. I'm a charter subscriber and feel like one of the family. I can't envision any charter member deserting this great family. Your articles are written by sportswriters with the literary touch. From a good start, it has constantly improved."

Dress manufacturer
"Because I like SI for its completely new approach to sports. Even though some of the sports are past history, SI's approach is so interesting that I read it avidly. I had some doubt about this, but no more. Having been in fashions all my life, I find the fashions included in SI well done and mighty interesting."

General of the Army
"Because I find SI both interesting and rather unique. That explains it. SI covers a wide range of sports and is radically different from all other sports magazines I've seen. I'm happy to have been a charter subscriber."

HOPE HAMPTON, Southampton
Actress and singer
"Because SI has brightened my life a bit. I've wondered why men run away from their wives or sweethearts to see a sports event or engage in sports. Now I know. I get the same feeling of excitement from reading your articles and looking at the beautiful color pictures that men must get from active sports participation."

HAL ROACH, Beverly Hills, Calif.
Motion picture producer
"Because I like sports and am interested in all phases of athletics. SI gives them the most complete coverage. It's the only magazine that does. The articles are written for intelligent men and women, some of whom are not conversant with the phraseology of newspaper sports pages."

GUY LOMBARDO, Freeport, N.Y.
Orchestra leader
"Because SI is well written, informative and interesting. It is a magazine that covers the widest possible range of sports interest, both spectator and participant. Most of my friends also read SI. To be an interested part of their conversation, I have to be well informed on most sports."

President, American League
"I'm renewing my subscription because SI is a great sports magazine, which I enjoy reading because it covers all sports as interestingly as it does my first love, baseball. SI keeps sports up to date. It makes sports that happened yesterday live today. That's some feat. Few experts thought it could be done."

Editor of The Ring magazine
"SI has not let me down. It has not deviated from its original format of presenting all the sports. For one earning his living as the editor of a boxing magazine, this is great relaxation. SI is for those who follow all sports avidly in addition to others who like sports but don't have time to read the sports pages of newspapers."

Sports Editor
Chicago Daily News
"Mainly because of exceptional coverage of baseball and the superlative photography. I feel that some sports, of little interest to avid fans of big spectator sports, could be left out and more space devoted to the big sports that interest the majority and with which they're conversant. Some of my colleagues disagree with me."

JAMES HAGERTY, Washington, D.C.
Press secretary to President Eisenhower
"I find SI extremely interesting. Busy as I am in the life I lead—one week in Washington, a day in New York, a week in Geneva—SI keeps me up on sports I'd otherwise miss. I particularly like the articles on current sports events and the epic events of the past. I know that the President looks the magazine over."

Author, explorer and radio commentator
"First, I'm a violent sports fan and SI covers the field better than any publication that has come down the pike in my time. Second, because SI printed Tenzing's Mt. Everest story, one of the most descriptive and unusual true-adventure epics of the century. Twice while it was being run, I told my radio audience to read SI."

Advertising executive
"Because it's a terrific magazine. SI has now earned a permanent place for itself among the magazines of America within one year because of an editorial policy that is individual, provocative and distinctive. Women like it, too. My wife was never too interested in sports but through SI, is becoming interested in all sports."

President, Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
"Because every issue contains a lot that is appealing and informative. The résumé of sports is just what a busy man wants. When I first read about SI I thought its coverage would be as dead as yesterday's newspaper. To my surprise and entertainment, it is far from that. I have often found SI livelier than today's paper."

"21" Restaurant
"Mainly because of SI's great coverage of fishing and track and field. SI sold me forever with its coverage of the Empire Games. I was there and saw the epic mile between Bannister and Landy. SI caught every dramatic moment. The 21 Club owns five charter subscriptions. Our guests appropriate them and we have to buy more."

PAUL F. MACKESEY, Providence, R.I.
Athletic Director
Brown University
"I particularly like SI because it has a more complete coverage of sports events than any publication. The format is excellent. I've spent most of my life in sports, but I've been introduced to some I didn't know through the pages of SI. You can see SI in every fraternity house and dormitory at Brown University."

Vice president, CBS
"SI wraps up in one bundle the broadest, most informed, provocative coverage of sports available today. It's the best weekly collection of informed, inside writings on sports I've ever seen. If you're a man in a hurry, SI is a great way to keep on top of the sports picture."

Department store executive
"First, because SI is the only place where you can get a real summary of everything going on in the world of sports. Second, because of the interesting features and articles about specific sports events that you can't find anywhere else. Third, because of the excellent articles and pictures on sports attire."