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The West Side Tennis Club of Forest Hills, N.Y. is America's answer to Wimbledon. Court history will unroll there this week

The green acres of the West Side Tennis Club's carefully cultivated grass courts—some of which are shown on the opposite and following pages—will play host for the next few weeks to the world's finest amateur players. For some young men and women heralded for stardom a year or two hence, this season's trip to Forest Hills will be confined to early-round matches on the outer courts (right). It is a long and difficult step from there to the massive 13,500-seat concrete stadium in the background, where this weekend the tennis heroes of 1954—the U.S. Davis Cup team—defend their treasured piece of silverware against an unpredictable but ever-dangerous team from Australia. Following the Davis Cup, these same well-worn Forest Hills courts will be the scene of the 74th United States Lawn Tennis Association singles championships. A Davis Cup preview with an evaluation by U.S. Captain William Talbert, a look back and ahead by the Prime Minister of Australia and a CONVERSATION PIECE: Subject: Tony Trabert begin on page 17.

Drenched in afternoon sun against a backdrop reminiscent of England's historic Wimbledon, the clubhouse at Forest Hills surveys 12 impeccably manicured acres where West Side Tennis Club members play on more than 20 grass and 32 composition courts

These classic grounds of the center courts at Forest Hills will be the scene of this year's Challenge Round.