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Among the greatest practitioners of an electrifying sport are La Quebrada's high divers, who leap for a tourists' floor show

It started as a sport to while away idle hours when Acapulco was a sleepy little town. Now the high flyers shown on the following pages are part of a professional group of some 20 divers who thrill the patrons of one of the world's most fantastic cliffside restaurants. Nervelessly accurate, leaping at night to the light of a flaming fire, they have never missed on the split-second calculations which they must make to catch the sea when it is surging deep over the rocks below. But where they once dived for pennies, they now reap richer rewards from the tourists who, as Horace Sutton reports on page 21, are flocking to Acapulco in such ever-increasing numbers that the once remote little village is becoming a veritable Mexican Miami.

Launching their tanned bodies out into space from a dizzy platform perched 100 feet above La Quebrada gorge, four Acapulco divers plummet with precision and daring toward the inrushing waters below. The penalty for bad timing: injury or even death

Spectators, including other divers, gaze down from the public pavilion at the spot where a hurtling swimmer has just entered the foaming gorge

Ready for another plunge, muscular diver scrambles up sheer brown and gray cliffside while the beautiful blue of the Pacific turns frothy green and white a few feet below