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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed trails or slopes


Squaw Valley, Calif.: Daily snowfalls kept a foot of fresh powder on all trails last week. Base on upper mountain doubled by storm. Flying Saucer and International especially good. Avery Brundage, president of the International Olympic Committee, at area during weekend. Quilted parkas with red Bogner elastic ski pants a frequent combination here. LS 24, US 108 to 240, TD 72, TW 36, CD 750, CW 1,500.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Skiing over New Year's excellent, holiday crowds largest ever experienced by area. New snow fell every day. Electric blue elastic ski pants catching on here. Some Hart metal skis being used. Figure-eight night torchlight exhibition put on by instructors and advanced skiers New Year's Eve. LS 108, US 120, TD 12, TW 6, CD 5,000, CW 4,000.

Yosemite, Calif.: All runs good to excellent with fresh powder all week. Highway 140 closed temporarily due to flood damage, but Highway 41 from Fresno open. LS 64 to 74, US 64 to 74, TD 48, TW 14, CD 2,500, CW 2,800.

Big Bear Lake, Calif.: Six inches of artificial snow at Moonridge provided only skiing in area. Five-foot steel-edged Tyrol ski from Austria—selling for $11 or less—and Junior A & T binding is a popular combination with young skiers.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Skiing good; all trails open. LS 80 to 84, US 90 to 98, TD 0, TW 6, CD 14,000, CW 6,200.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: New Year's Eve skiers schussed under lights until midnight, greeted 1956 with hot coffee supplied gratis by area. Tows and lifts operating daily except Monday. Night skiing Wednesday and Saturday until 10. LS 95 to 97, TD 5 to 10, TW 4, CD 500, CW 4,000.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Snow has stabilized, reducing avalanche hazard and making excellent skiing in Austin Pass, Panorama, Ridge trail and Chute. Head skis considered best for deep powder here. LS 145, CD 1,800, CW 1,600.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: All runs in top shape with Cut Run most popular. New rope tow east of plateau opened steep Flying Skis slope for skiers. LS 40 to 46, US 56 to 80, TD 1, TW 3, CD 2,600, CW 1,200. CL—Blueberry J bar.


Sun Valley, Idaho: All runs open except Warm Springs and Cold Springs. Several pairs adjustable-camber Dynamic skis used here are stirring up a lot of talk. On Baldy, US 70; Roundhouse, 63. On Dollar 26. Valley floor 14.

Brighton, Utah: Backbone and Evergreen runs off Mt. Millicent have best powder of year. LS 85, US 105, CD 6,000, CW 2,500.

Alta, Utah: Last week's crust buried under new powder. Snow Cup race postponed from Jan. 14-15 to Jan. 21 22 in order to appear on NBC's Wide, Wide World TV show, Jan. 22. LS 81, US 81, TD 16, TW 4, CD 3.000, CW 2,100.

Aspen, Col.: Slopes hard packed with some ice over New Year's with late fall of light powder. Lower lift had waiting line from 25 minutes to two hours during weekend. LS 30 to 36, US 4 to 10, TD 0, TW 3 to 5, CW 1.200 to 1,500.

Winter Park, Col.: Best skiing on Cramner and Balch trails. LS 19, US 31 to 37, TW 5, CD 4,000, CW 2,200. CL—Mulligan's mile, Upper Hughes, Little Pierre.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Ski-Free safety toepiece is being used with Tyrolia heel release here. LS 28 to 41, US 37 to 45, TD 2, TW 4, CD 2,000, CW 700.

Big Mountain, Mont.: Hot sun has produced corn snow on open slopes. Skiers here consider Gresvig Olympic and Eriksen multigroove skis best for high speed on hard pack. LS 26 to 30, US 28 to 40, TD 6, TW 1, CD 1.400, CW 650.

Santa Fe, New Mex.: Trails worn by heavy use; some ice and thin spots. Hart metal and Dynaglas are most popular new skis. LS 12, US 15.

Taos, New Mex.: Everything closed except beginner's slopes. Navajo concho belts are regional fashion note. Some skiers using Ankloon inflatable boot inserts. LS 12, US 32, TD 0, TW 0, CD 100, CW 150.


Rib Mt., Wis.: Trails icy with bare spots, open slopes still good. 300 attended Wausau Record-Herald ski school. LS 6 to 8, US 6 to 8, CD 1,200, CW 1,100.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: Warm rain during week reduced base, but cover still adequate. Head Instructor Stein Eriksen's own multigroove skis enjoy fairly widespread use here. LS 10, US 8 to 12, CD 400, CW 600.


Stowe, Vt.: Some bare spots and ice showing after heavy holiday crowd. Zero weather started lift riders using sealskin or insulated parkas. LS 20, US 26, TD 3, TW 0, CD 600, CW 2,100. CL—National, Perry Merrill.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Some ice on most trails. Chipmunk, Fall Line, lower Chute best skiing. Eriksen multigroove most sought-after ski according to area shop manager. Knitted Bavarian zipper sweater found favor during continued cold weather; 20% of skiers use safety bindings, with Ski-Free most popular. LS 1 to 20, US 20 to 50, TD 4, TW 3, CD 2,000, CW 3,800.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Skiing poor to fair, with Poma lift closed and best skiing on Shin Cracker, Corkscrew, Avalanche trails. Some Ski Patrollers use Cubco safety binding. Louis Orvis Giant Slalom open to pros and amateurs will be run Jan. 7. LS 4 to 7, US 4 to 7, CD 2,500, CW 3,000. CL—Peril, Blue Ribbon, East Meadow, Twister.

Pico Peak, Vt.: Best skiing on B slope and C trail. Coldest December in 22 years here. Seven out of 10 skiers using plastic bottoms or permanent lacquer without wax. US 2 to 8, LS 2 to 8, TD 2, TW 5, CD 4,800, CW 3,500. CL—upper A slope.

Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: At Cranmore, New East slope has packed powder. Rest of area fair to poor. Poma lift in final testing stage. Temperatures averaging 15 above. LS 1 to 4, US 1 to 5, CD 8,000, CW 4,000.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Middle T bar closed for lack of snow last week. Cannon, Ravine, upper Hardscrabble, Taft Slalom, lower slopes open, with best skiing on newly opened Zoomer. LS 1 to 20, US 4 to 25.

Belleayre, N.Y.: All trails and slopes open, Winnisock. Tongore and Roaring Brook good, rest of area fair. Knickers and Norwegian socks making comeback here. LS 2 to 4, US 2 to 7, TD 4, TW 6, CD 400, CW 2,000.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: All lifts operating. Skiers making full use of area's cross-country trails. Art Devlin won Sno Bird jump, with Olympic teammates Dick Rahoi, Ragnar Ulland runners-up. LS 7, US 10 to 12, TD 3, TW 2, CD 2,000, CW 2,500.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Trails in perfect condition, all lifts operated over New Year's. Average temperature 5 below. LS 20 to 24, US 24 to 26, CD 2,000, CW 1,500.