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focus on the deed...

Old navy airport at Oklahoma University's Westheimer Field provides a jam-packed parking haven for the owners of more than 225 private planes, who avoided traffic problems as they zoomed into town last Saturday to watch a fired-up Notre Dame team score in the last quarter to win 7-0 and snap the unhappy Sooners' 47-game winning streak.

Old team song gets a full-throated chirping from joyful members of the British soccer club, fresh from a 4-0 victory over West Germany for European ladies' title at Berlin.

Heavy-Muscled American Tommy Kono, only non-Russian to win world weight-lifting title at Teheran, majestically hefts weight with seeming ease on way to middleweight crown.

Slippery-Muscled students at the California Institute of Technology, dressed appropriately for the occasion, have the time of their young lives as they good-naturedly wallow in slime during the annual "Mudeo" battle royal between freshmen and sophomores at Pasadena. The losers become hosts for the annual sophfrosh dance and have to foot all of the hills.