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8 The Best Football Game Ever Played
The Colts won it—and the professional championship.
By Tex Maule

12 Surrender at Notre Dame
Terry Brennan's dismissal, for winning too few games, is a setback to the university as well

19 Sportsman of 1958
Presenting the Man himself, plus two who merited special mention and a gallery of runners-up

34 The Gaels Gallop Again
Little St. Mary's may be the best basketball college in the West.
By Jeremiah Tax

36 Ski Tip
Famed teacher Willy Schaeffler, in the first of a weekly series, tells how to handle lifts

41 T-bird on the Racing Trail
The admission of Ford's Thunderbird to NASCAR racing provokes a furor; it bows in next month

42 Going Dutch in the Caribbean
The Netherlands Antilles provide an off beat haven in southern seas.
By Horace Sutton

51 Part II: Figure Skating
Maribel Vinson explains the pleasures and problems of skating with a partner

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6 Coming Events
7 Scoreboard
15 Events & Discoveries
34 Basketball
36 Ski Tip
38 Food
40 Boxing
41 Motor Sports
49 Sporting Look
50 Charles Goren
61 Tip from the Top
62 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Rafer Johnson

The Sportsman of the Year was UCLA's great all-round athlete, whose moment came this summer in Moscow. Coles Phinizy's portrayal of Rafer Johnson starts on page 19.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•Ice hockey is in the news, with the story of the brilliant Ranger pro, Andy Bathgate, by Kenneth Rudeen, and a report on the Russian foray into the U.S. by Robert Boyle.

•Photographer Hy Peskin gives you an extraordinary view of basketball with a set of color pictures snapped from a perch behind the backboard as the action swirled below.

•Foxhunting in Ireland is an ancient and honorable sport which is now happily available to Americans. Toni Frissell describes it in pictures and Tano Neville in words.