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'They're my guests'

Carroll Soo-Hoo of Berkeley, Calif. admires wild animals—so much so that he sometimes joins them in their cages—and he wants other people to have a chance to admire them too. He is shown with a cheetah named Gen, one of a pair he recently presented to the San Francisco Zoo, the first cheetahs the zoo has possessed in 25 years. "It's my way of using my money and enjoying it, and having other people enjoy it too," the 49-year-old Chinese-American bachelor says. "When I see people coming to the zoo I can consider they're my guests."

Soo-Hoo, who works as a civilian electrician for the U.S. Navy, is not a wealthy man. But market investments have enabled him to give $6,000 to the zoo since 1958. His money has bought the two cheetahs, Gen and Sinbad, a Damaraland zebra known as Roberta and a pair of Cape hunting dogs which are thus far nameless, although the zoo is thinking of calling them Sue and Hugh.

At the moment Carroll Soo-Hoo is wondering whether to make his next gift a wombat or a gnu. Zoo officials cannot help but hope he decides on the latter. They foresee the headline: SOO-HOO GIVES GNU TO ZOO.