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12 Mr. 'A-Bear' Makes It
Often a runner-up but never a champion, Jay Hebert rallied at Akron to win the PGA title

16 The Mysterious Buty Treatment
The use of Butazolidin in Illinois queers the odds and stirs a controversy in Thoroughbred racing

18 Go Sox! Stop Yanks!
Chicago's scrappy White Sox climax a winning month by beating the Yanks and taking first place

20 Hands Off That Horse!
Rodeo Rider Tommy Smith is disqualified (in color) for touching mount with free hand

27 Bringing Up the Rear
John Cooper has put the racing engine behind the driver and Britain ahead of everybody

30 Swim Till It Hurts
And then keep on swimming. That is the motto of Mike Troy, the world's best butterflyer

38 How to Crookshank
Roger Price recommends organized apathy as the logical, sporting answer to that old ennui

49 Heavyweight in Waiting
In a mile-high Denver ring Sonny Liston knocked Zora Folley all the way down to sea level

56 The Gaudy Games of Rome
Robert Graves, scholar and novelist, re-creates a day of fierce rivalry in the year 90 A.D.

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Stephen Birmingham, champion all-round non-athlete, wit and social historian, tells how judicious use of sporting terms enables him to avoid all exertion, yet talk a good game.

In a new instructional, Tennis Editor William Talbert, aided by Davis Cup players Earl Buchholz and Chuck McKinley, shows you how to play—and win—at doubles.

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