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10 Europe Gets Going
From the Continent, Tex Maule reports on the top runners, now just approaching their peaks

14 The Day They Gave Money Away
The biggest day in U.S. turf history turned into a nightmare for all the favorites

16 Death on the Salt Flats
Athol Graham, the first of five drivers trying to break 400 mph on land, died when a wheel flew off

26 Head Man in a Hurry
Dick Groat is baseball's least spectacular player, but he's the one who makes the Pirates go

30 Biggest Bull in the Market
Claiborne Farm has the finest stallions in the country, and the man responsible is Bull Hancock

37 'I Will Drive Like I Drive'
Pilot Mira Slovak pushes both his luck and his boat to the limit in every hydroplane race

42 Grandmother, What Sharp Teeth!
Roderick Haig-Brown presents the case for the big female pike that rule the north lakes

46 How To Win at Tennis Doubles
In a new instructional, William F. Talbert unravels the mysteries of a complex sport

62 Who's Afraid of a Little Game?
Are you a total nonparticipant? Here's how to be the best player of all—without playing

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5 Coming Events
6 Scorecard
8 Editorials
42 Fishing
46 Tennis
52 Boating
57 Tip from the Top
58 Modern Pentathlon
60 Charles Goren
68 For the Record
69 Baseball's Week
70 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

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Next week

In Rome on August 25, with the world watching as never before, begin those ultimate tests of sport, the 1960 Olympics. For readers who will follow the Games at home, and for those traveling to Rome, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents next week a special Olympic issue—with form charts on what to expect in each of the 150 events, a 16-page picture portfolio of outstanding athletes and a major article by Author-Diplomat Charles Thayer on the big issue that haunts the Games—amateurism vs. professionalism.