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High shots for accuracy

Sooner or later in a round of golf you come to a hole requiring a great deal of accuracy. The average player, anxious to hit a good shot in these circumstances, hits a bad one. I have found one way that helps me to do better, and it has helped others. I pick a tall object behind the target—a tree or even a cloud—and then I hit the ball as if I were trying to shoot over it.

In order to hit high, accurate shots you have to make a full, complete swing. The ball that has a high trajectory will stop very fast, and most greens will hold it. It is for this very reason that you often see the high shot in the National Open, where, traditionally, the greens are fast.

I find that if I stop my swing short of a high finish position, the ball usually goes wild. I also find that just the thought of hitting a high shot will take my mind off the trouble to the left and right of the target. This is particularly so with my long irons and fairway woods, the clubs, incidentally, which the weekend golfer usually has most trouble mastering. Practice hitting high shots. They are the short cut to accuracy.

WALKER INMAN JR., Eglin AFB Golf Club, Fla.