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14 Rome's Biggest Holiday
On the eve of the 1960 Games, the Eternal City is dressed in its flashiest party clothes

17 Speed, Strength and Grace
A 16-page photographic portfolio of the talented and attractive athletes competing to win

34 Chart of the Champions
For every event, a list of who will win and why, compiled by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S experts

42 A Splendid Cavalcade
An album of the memorable moments in Olympic history, from Athens in 1896 to modern times

48 Guide to Good Eating
Samuel Chamberlain offers a choice selection from the rich list of restaurants in Rome

51 Europe's Best Bazaar
There are the flea market and the Via Condotti, and in Rome there will be bargains of every kind

72 A Question of the Soul
Will these be the last amateur Olympics? They might be—and here are the reasons why


54 Four Long Days in Pressure City
The U.S. picked its best Olympic swimming team ever, but its finest contender almost didn't qualify

56 Flare Up, High Up
In the rare atmosphere of Mexico City, the U.S. Davis Cup team squelched a revolt and won

The departments

8 Scorecard
10 Coming Events
12 Editorials
62 Water Skiing
66 Charles Goren
69 Baseball
85 For the Record
86 Baseball's Week
87 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Tall and dimpled, Barbara McIntire holds the British and U.S. amateur golf championships. She is favored to repeat at Tulsa next week, and Alfred Wright tells you why.

Fencing is fun for the whole family. In a new instructional, Artist and veteran Olympic Fencer Ed Vebell introduces his favorite sport, which is growing fast in U.S. popularity.

Many are the motives that prompt a man to go fishing, but a meat fisherman is basic: he goes fishing to catch fish. Joe David Brown tells how he came to join the clan.