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'Bubble gum can wait'

The correct young miss in riding dress is 10-year-old Libby Bowman of Knoxville, Tenn., and the friend trying to wheedle some sugar is Fast Company, her championship blue-roan road pony. Libby, who began her horse show career only 18 months ago, already has won 220 ribbons—more than 100 of them blue—along the South's horse show circuits. "She takes dancing lessons, chews bubble gum, does all the things a girl her age does," writes one expert. "But the moment she enters competition bubble gum can wait. She assumes the bearing and manner of a champion."

Libby's poise was put to a special test at the Dinner Key Horse Show in Miami last season. She was just getting over the mumps, but she came through on the final night to capture ribbons with Fast Company and with Easter Parade, her chestnut parade mare, and then went on to win circuit championships with both horses.

The 30-horse stable owned by Libby's father, who is president of an engineering firm, includes nine such champions, all of which won their titles under Libby's guidance. "I do love the horses," she grins. "I love them even more than the shows."