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10 They Fly Through the Air
From Odessa, Texas, Roy Terrell reports on the National Soaring championships

14 Now Germany Sticks Its Oar In
With new ways to row, a German crew is jeopardizing the U.S.'s long domination of Olympic eights

16 Danny vs. Casey
In a pennant poll, the players themselves scorn Orioles and Cards, pick the favorites

18 Big Aloha from Corfu
The French know how to do things. Now they've brought the South Pacific to the Mediterranean

24 Two Down and One to Go
Barbara McIntire, pretty and determined British Amateur champion, is after her second U.S. title

32 Panoply in Prague
Brian Seed photographs in brilliant color a mass gymnastics spectacle in Czechoslovakia

39 The Club Goes West
Gerald Holland documents in detail a road trip with the surprising St. Louis Cardinals

43 Fencing for Fun
The wonderful art of swordplay is explained in words and drawings by Olympic Fencer Ed Vebell

51 A Look Inside the Campbell Car
English backers put $4 million into the Bluebird in an effort to break the world land-speed record

58 The Meat Fisherman Speaks
Angling? Phooey! says Joe David Brown. The only real way to fish is to catch fish!

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6 Scorecard
8 Editorials
9 Coming Events
48 Boating
51 Motor Sports
55 Harness Racing
64 For the Record
65 Baseball's Week
66 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Next week

From Rome comes a report on how matters stand on the eve of the Olympics—and from Bern an account of the U.S. track team's performance in a warmup meet in Switzerland.

Who was—or is—Jack Doyle? Prizefighter, wrestler, Irish tenor and betting man, he is one of the funniest characters you—or Patrick Campbell, who writes of him—ever met.

A classic mountaineering adventure, brilliantly illustrated in color pictures: the trials and triumph of the Swiss conquerors of Dhaulagiri, the Himalayas' dread "peak of storms."