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MEMO from the publisher

The characteristics of his family of readers are of uncommon interest to a publisher. Against the background of the U.S. population as a whole, the readers of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED are an uncommon American family, as you may have gathered when I began telling you about them last week. On the theory that you may enjoy a further glimpse of your image in our statistical mirror, here are some more pertinent details.

If everybody in the country were as travel-minded as you, airline stewardesses would have greeted eight passengers last year for every one that actually stepped aboard. It would . have taken more than two Detroits to make the new cars you bought; and two Akrons to replace the tires you wore out. Even six times the number of ships afloat could not have handled the ocean travel demands you would have made upon them. Passport photographers would have done a land office business, seven times greater than they did.

If everyone were you, in our Bostons, Hartfords and Omahas, wherever life insurance is sold, the problem of investing your money would be twice as tough—or at least the money to invest would be twice as much. The problem of a doctor shortage would go away entirely; instead of the 250,000 practicing now, there would be 2,750,000. And the problem of when to let the kids watch TV would be in living color, because the color sets in private homes would multiply by 11.

It's hard to see how the stock market could go anywhere but up. Instead of 8 million shareowners there would be 34 million.

Manufacturers would have to increase production of dishwashers 5 times, room air conditioners 2 times, garbage disposal units 3½ times, clothes driers 2½ times.

For you, as the head of your SPORTS ILLUSTRATED household, it is clearly a world of plenty and a future full of promise. If you take a last look in the mirror, you'll see that you're dressed in the newest of your eight suits—and you look fine. And by the way, one of you will be the next President of the United States.