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Original Issue

MEMO from the publisher

In next week's issue comes SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S seasonal Sporting Look Preview.

If much of the allure of sport lies in unpredictability, much lies likewise in predictability. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED can study the plans of the designers and manufacturers, and predict with fair security what the coming style in off-duty raiment will be. I can also say that, as sure as the sun will rise, next week's Sporting Look Preview will evoke an enthusiastic response from a majority of our readers—and a not entirely unwelcome dissent from a minority of them. This prediction regarding the minor response is partly an alert to the editors of the 19TH HOLE, our letters department, to be ready to field a few brickbats. For they will receive, quite soon now, several communications which, to paraphrase them politely, will read like this:

"What do you think you are! Godey's Lady's Book? I want to read about broken noses. That's sport. Please cancel my subscription."

For late arrivals who may wonder why SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports on sports clothes, here is a quotation from a prospectus written some six years ago, when this magazine was in its pre-publication stage. It seemed a legitimate part of our mission then, and I think most of you will agree that it still is:

"With sound judgment and good background SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will present clothes, focus on details and accessories and give the facts on fashion trends, fabrics and designers and give readers the secret of how to be well groomed for every leisure-time and sporting occasion."

The very idea of being well groomed for a sporting occasion is, of course, a fairly new idea (and, we might add, a happy one). Do you remember when anyone could take off his necktie, roll up his shirt sleeves and be dressed for a weekend of sport? In those days SPORTS ILLUSTRATED did not exist. And if it had, we would have been hard put to report that sartorial event.

However, the trend toward more appetizing sportswear started long before we did, and it has been both our mandate and our pleasure to record its continuing developments. Next week's Preview will be the latest in a long line of reports which have ranged from the rebirth of the blazer to the westward migration of the bikini.

That's sport.