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'Mother gave me an old rifle'

Blonde, ponytailed Lenore Jensen, 19 (right), was the curvesome Homecoming Queen at Central Michigan University last fall. Last month she was the straight-shooting women's national small-bore rifle champion at Camp Perry, Ohio—winning the title for the second consecutive year. Her 15-year-old sister Marianne finished a single point behind her in women's regular competition, settled for the national junior title. "My mother gave me an old rifle when I was 12," Lenore says, explaining how such a lively girl became such a dead shot. "It was two years before I was big enough to hold it."

There is little doubt now that the Jensen sisters are capable of holding a rifle. Last July they teamed up with their mother and a high school friend, took on all comers to capture the Michigan state rifle championship. Their defeated male rivals could only moan and groan: "The entry blank said that it was for four-man teams."