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On the playingfields of fall 1960, and along the spectator edges, there will be a strongBritish look. Export bundles from Great Britain will be visible, along withbundles of borrowed ideas reflecting the fresh admiration of American designersfor some old English principles. The trend is strong in women's clothes as wellas in men's. For example, the famous London firm of Aquascutum, having retooledits design rooms, is turning out women's suits of such style and fit that theyare being heavily imported.

New country suitsand sports jackets have slanting pockets and deep center vents, with all thedash of an Englishman's hacking jacket. "Ride-Macs"—short flared ridingraincoats—are being taken up by people who never get near a stable. The Britishwarm, in civilian adaptations of the World War II officer's greatcoat, is a newfavorite for both men and women, as are the rugged shearling coats of Britishracing car drivers. On this and the following pages the new British SportingLook for fall is shown as it conquers the horse-farm country aroundCharlottesville, Virginia.

The clothes canbe found at the stores listed on page 67.

Before theirKeswick, Virginia stable, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Motch discuss a morning's huntwith Roberts Coles (center). Over his hunt clothes (Knoud's), Motch wears awaterproof poplin "Ride-Mac" ($38). Mrs. Motch dons a riding raincoat($55, Bernard Weatherill) with wool trews ($16, Pendleton).

Championshiphorse show ribbon from the Motch collection is examined by Johanna Leigh andPatrick Bash-ford, both wearing versions of the British warm. Hers, of woolfleece ($140) is worn with tweed walking skirt $40, both Aquascutum). Johannaalso wears a jersey beret (Hattie Carnegie), jacquard-patterned wool and nylonstockings (Phoenix) and lizard walking pumps (La Piuma). Man's coat, of28-ounce velour ($175, Chester Barrie), is worn over a chalk-striped suit ofmustard-olive British worsted ($130 with vest, Southwick).

At theThoroughbred barns of Morven, Whitney Stone's 2,500-acre farm in AlbemarleCounty, three versions of the County Look: Johanna wears a herringbone tweedwalking suit (skirt $18, jacket $40, from Evan-Picone), Patrick a herringbonetweed hacking jacket with extreme center vent and flared cut ($40, Cricketeer)and flannel slacks ($30, Daks), Bill Hite a windowpane-plaid country suit ofOrion and wool with flared jacket ($70, Gordon-Ford). Johanna's oxfords areMillerkins; Palrick's reverse-calf brogues, by Church.

Also on displayat Morven are country tweeds and the new compact Jaguar 3.8. Bill Hite'sknee-length Irish tweed coat has raglan shoulders ($125, Rodex); his drivingcap is from Robert Kirk. Johanna's tweed greatcoat has a top inspired by theInverness cape ($135, Aquascutum). Her hacking hat is from Madcaps and hersatchel bag is by Tano.


On the oppositepage are students from Sweetbriar and the University of Virginia wearing thisfall's new crop of sweaters—some of them imported from England, others inspiredby the British. Collegians have valued the prestige of British sweaters sinceEastern college students first started bringing Shetlands and cashmeres backfrom Bermuda Easter holidays. Included at left are other classics for thesweater collector: a Fair Isle-patterned Shetland pullover from northernScotland, a typical fisherman's bainin from Aran. Turn the page for otherBritish classics which have been adapted to the American taste in cut andfit.

At Morven(right), Johanna wears country cord pants ($15, Mister Pants) with a. hand-knitsweater ($20, G. & R. Rose), Capezio's cordovan boots. Bill's corduroywarm, lined with wool alpaca, is water-repellent ($60, R.F.D.). English hat isfrom Thomas Begg. At the University of Virginia (opposite), Chip Young (upperleft) wears an Argyle ($17, Jantzen), Charles: Mitchell a cable Shetland ($23,Alan Paine), Dick Weisketl a Fair Isle hand-knit ($45, E. S. Deans), Jim. Pattyan Irish fisher knit ($23, R.F.D.). Below, Elizabeth Meade is in Lovat Shetland($17, Braemar); Isabel Ware is in pebble-knit Shetland cardigan ($30, Braemar);Suzy Reitz wears furblendpullover($15,Darlene).

Sally Motch leadsthe way for her children Bert and Sally, their pony Cotton, her colt andHoover, their pug. She wears a mink-gill jacket ($450), styled after a Britishblazer, over a beige tweed dress ($75, both David M. Goodstein).

Johanna Leigh, inIrish knickers, perfect for fence-straddling, admires a Motch mare and foal.The knickers ($25) are of green checked tweed and have a matching green tweedpullover ($18, both by Donald Dairies of Dublin).

Shearling coalsare worn 'by Patrick Bashford and Suzy Reitz, shown with Sunbeam Alpine.Patrick's coat is of tobacco suede ($185, Aquascutum), Suzy's of olive green($285, Samuel Robert). Suzy's handbag is by Tano.