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The PittsburghPirates glided through the West and toward the pennant. Stopper Vernon Lawhalted a losing streak, but was stopped himself the next time out, bidding forhis 20th. Al Dark played left field ("Sure, he's 38," said ManagerDressen, "but he gives you 100% all the time") as the Milwaukee Braves,with four straight wins, got set for the showdown series with the Pirates.Apprised that some Milwaukee players were blaming Dressen for their previousmisfortunes, a former disciple, Don Zimmer of the Cubs, jumped to Charley'sdefense. "He's got a lot of baloney in him," Zimmer said, "but thatdoesn't make him a bad manager." Strong pennant contenders only a week ago,the St. Louis Cardinals began to slip away. Steady performances by Ray Sadecki,19, and Ernie Broglio might yet save second place and a shot at Manager of theYear for Solly Hemus. The Los Angeles Dodgers blew their last chance againstthe Pirates, stumbled against the Giants, found themselves sinking close to thesecond division. Maury Wills stole his 37th base, Wally Moon flirted with .300while the once-strong pitching collapsed. Mike McCormick, the Angry Young Manof the San Francisco Giants (they've given him only 10 runs in six games), shutout the Dodgers 1-0. McCormick had no complaints after seeing the other side ofthe coin: a home run and a sparkling catch by Felipe Alou. Vada Pinson hitthree home runs for the Cincinnati Redlegs as the club floundered. Bob Purkeypitched well, but big busts Cal McLish (4-1)) and Joe Nuxhall (1-7) didn't.Said Nuxhall, who became a Redleg at 15, "A change of scenery mighthelp." The Chicago Cubs, finding a new way to win (Pitcher Don Cardwell hittwo home runs) and an old way to lose (the hidden ball trick), seemed safe inseventh. Rookie right-hander Art Mahaffey, who trains on lasagna, wasresponsible for last two Philadelphia Phillies' wins. "I used to weigh 156pounds," says the 6-foot-2 Mahaffey. Then came lasagna, which Mahaffeyloves. "It takes my wife a day and a half to make up the lasagna," hesays, "and it's worth it." Mahaffey's weight: 190; his record: 5-0.

Standings: Pitt80-50. Mil 73-56, StL 73-57, LA 68-60, SF 65-63, Cin 58-75, Chi 52-77, Phil49-81


Sturdy youngpitching, slick fielding and timely hitting put the Baltimore Orioles in firstplace and had the townfolk ignoring their beloved Colts. Flushed with success,Manager Richards bought a $25 pair of spiked shoes for each Oriole for thefinal surge. The New York Yankees couldn't score runs (not one in 36 innings),couldn't win and couldn't hold onto the top. Manager Stengel addedflimsy-hitting Coach Jim Hegan, 40, to the active roster. "I might need agood receiver in the eighth inning sometime," explained Casey. Said YogiBerra, rookie outfielder: "Now I'm the fourth-string catcher." Thrownback into contention, the Chicago White Sox counted on the favorable schedule(14 home games, 9 away) and the return of Minnie Minoso to batting form after aslump (three for 30). "The big thing for us to do," Manager Lopez said,"is to put together a winning streak—and we're overdue." The WashingtonSenators lost their first series in a month but hung on grimly to the firstdivision. Manager Lavagetto deftly juggled an arm-weary staff, got a strong winfrom improving Don Lee, who inadvertently threw a nostalgic home run ball toTed Williams. A younger, thinner Williams hit a couple off Lee's dad, LeftyThornton Lee of the White Sox, 20 years before. The Cleveland Indians weremoaning about what could have been. Woodie Held, out with a broken finger sinceJuly 18 when the Indians were a game and a half out of first, returned to thelineup with the Indians 15 out. He won two games with homers. Barry Latman, a23-year-old cigar smoker, suddenly found his pitching control, won twice.Second-string pitchers Bob Bruce and Hank Aguirre bolstered the Detroit Tigersin a too-little, too-late effort. Tiger sore point: Jim Bunning and PaulFoytack, winners of 31 games last year, had 10 this season. Pete Runnels,runnerup to Boston Red Sox teammate Williams when he won batting championshiptwo years ago, charged into second place with .322. Shortstop Don Buddin,beaned by Tigers' Bunning, is recovering, will be out two weeks. Said Bunning,who denied he was aiming at Buddin's head: "Why should I throw at him? Iusually get him out anyway." Bud Daley (12-6 on July 6) slipped to 13-13when he lost to the Yankees. Daley and his Kansas City Athletic teammates werespared unbearable embarrassment when their uniforms arrived just before gametime. Accused often of being a Yankee farm, they might otherwise have had towear Yankee uniforms in the game.

Standings: Balt79-53. NY 75-53, Chi 75-56, Wash 66-65, Clev 64-65, Det 60-70, Bos 57-73, KC45-86

Boxed statisticsthrough Saturday, Sept. 3

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VENERABLE AND VIGOROUS, Pirates' Clem Labine pitched scoreless ball, Gene Woodling of Orioles hit .350 in pennant drives.