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Doug Gallagher, a left-hander undismayed by the loss of his last 10 games, gave the Charlotte Hornets no hits, only two walks (in the same inning), struck out eight as his Knoxville Smokies clinched the semifinal playoffs of the Class A South Carolina League.

Cecil Newman, a West Palm Beach, Fla. air-conditioning salesman and mid-70s golfer, outputted 26 qualifiers from U.S. and Canada to win Asbury Park, N.J.'s International Miniature Golf Tournament, carried off a trophy, a plaque and a Fiat 500.

Hu Entrop of Seattle, piloting stock-fuel, Evinrude-powered Starflite III, reached 122.979 mph on Arizona's Havasu Lake, set an unofficial world outboard speed record, won back the title he lost last spring to Mercury and Spokane's Burt Ross Jr.

Ann Rutherford, Harrisburg, Pa. teacher, granddaughter of longtime Penn State golf coach and first woman athlete to represent the school when she was a coed, shot a 244 to become low amateur in LPGA open tournament at Grossinger, N.Y.

Stanley Matthews Jr., 14-year-old tennis-playing son of Britain's famous footballer, romped through one straight-set victory after another to become youngest player in history to win boys' singles in junior Wimbledon championships.

Harry Melges Jr. of Lake Geneva, Wis., retained sailing's Mallory Cup (held this year in Class E scows) by winning six of eight races and scoring 62½ of a possible 66 points, to beat Bob Mosbacher, six other regional champions on Wisconsin's Lake Mendota.