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"The fish's son"

"Baseball is not for me" says the young Pennsylvanian pictured here. At 14, Brazilian-born Sasha Siemel, who looks and acts in other respects like most youngsters in Green Lane, Pa., prefers the more dangerous sport made famous by his father, a 70-year-old hunter-author-rancher who kills jaguars with the primitive hunting spear.

Young Sasha is already expert with a rifle—the result of five years of self-disciplined practice in Green Lane—and is thoroughly at home in the jungles of Brazil, where he shot this rare brace of full-grown jaguars. His prize bag so far is a 328-pounder that he shot and speared at close quarters.

Instead of the Navy career he first planned, the young hunter now hopes to make his fortune in the sport he loves. "Like my father," he says, "I want to take sportsmen out to hunt the jaguar. I will use the money from that to start a cattle ranch." His New Jersey-born mother's only comment derives from an old Brazilian saying: "The fish's son will be a fish."