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The Universal Tug and Tempo of Sport

The games men play change magically from nation to nation, but each has its moments of beauty and high excitement, as the pictures below and on the next eight pages disclose. Here, for example, a village cricket match in England creates an atmosphere of late-afternoon, late-summer tranquility

In India these intense youngsters play field hockey, the national pastime there and one that is popular in Pakistan and other lands still influenced by British sporting traditions

In South Africa players on Rugby teams from rival mining towns scramble for the ball in one of the innumerable periods of orderly turmoil or patterned confusion permitted by the rules of many games

In Turkey wrestlers meet each year in a week-long tournament started by sultans 300 years ago for army training

In Spain an impassioned pelota a mano champion gets set for a full-arm smash during a contest in Barcelona

In Australia, in the oceanic distances of the Outback, where the nearest neighbor may live 100 miles away, horse racing provides its familiar, universal fascination at a meet at Betoota (pop. 14)