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18 Boom Goes Baseball
Baseball '62 came busting in with all the pomp and whoop-de-do of a circus. The future looks lively

26 My Fight for Boxing
Boxing Commissioner James A. Farley Jr. defends the sport, attacks televised fights and adds some new ideas

28 Which Is the Best Sports Country?
In the biggest year of world competition, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ranks the nations—with surprising results

32 It's Only a Paper House
But this one, a brand-new shelter for camping on the beach or anywhere, has all the portable comforts of home

36 Massacre on a Plain
The crash of lacrosse sticks against flesh is a sure sign of spring in Maryland, where Hopkins battles for a title

46 Fury in a Frothy Pool
Color pictures contrast the modern game of water polo with the rough old American style of play

54 What the Horns Couldn't Do
Juan Belmonte, matador of the century and killer of 1,650 bulls, dies by his own hand

66 A Sneer with the Bases Loaded
Double Curve Dan, High Hat Harry and other heroes of the old baseball books laughed (or sneered) at danger

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11 Scorecard
51 Horse Racing
54 Bullfight
56 Tennis
60 Golf
64 Bridge
77 For the Record
78 Baseball's Week
80 19th Hole

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Next week

Players with magic, baseball's razzle-dazzle, shoot-'em-up athletes, the ones who keep the fans coming out to the old ball park, are brought onstage by Walter Bingham.

Karting King from Sunnyvale, Calif. is demon Steve Hernandez, whose mom and dad have seen to it that he has become a champ, even if he is just a knee-high 8 years old.

The Mayfly, says Leland Day, is many things: to the naturalist, a creature of poetic beauty and purpose; to the trout, nourishment; to the angler, a sign of good fishing.