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When the Rains Came...and Came...and Came


Two great Pacific storms, clashing over the California coast, poured a record rainfall down upon San Francisco, penning the World Series rivals restlessly in their rooms and turning star-crossed Candlestick Park into a giant millpond. Only the tarpaulin-covered infield remained dry; the deep outfield grass hid what was in truth a dangerous, boggy marsh, and the parking lot beyond could hardly be distinguished from neighboring San Francisco Bay. Finally, after three days of rain and three postponements, the skies cleared, and the Giants and Yankees came out of hiding to play ball. By winning on Monday the Giants tied up the Series for the third time. This sent the annual interleague battle of champions into a seventh game for the sixth time since 1955 and equaled a Series longevity record of 13 days, a soggy standard that has gone unchallenged since 1911, when it rained in far-away Philadelphia for almost a week.