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A National Basketball Association quiz to stimulate the memory and increase the knowledge of the fans

? The record for most points scored in an NBA game by one player stood at 63 (Joe Fulks of Philadelphia in 1949) for 12 seasons. Who finally broke Fulks's record?

•Elgin Baylor of Minneapolis (now Los Angeles) scored 64 points against Boston on Nov. 8, 1959. A year later he raised the record to 71 points in a game against New York. Then Wilt Chamberlain of Philadelphia (now San Francisco) took over. He scored 78 points in a three-overtime-period game against Los Angeles on Dec. 8, 1961, 73 in a regulation-time game with Chicago on Jan. 13, 1962, and on March 2, 1962 he dunked an unbelievable 100 points against New York.

? Who holds the record for most assists in one game? In an NBA career?

•Boston's Bob Cousy holds both marks. He had 28 assists in a game against Minneapolis on Feb. 27, 1959. And last season he became the first player to make a career record of more than 6,000 assists. He ended the season with 6,434 and had added 233 more to his total by the end of December.

? How many players have retrieved 50 or more rebounds in a single game?

•Only two. Bill Russell of Boston grabbed 51 rebounds against Syracuse on Feb. 8, 1960, but Wilt Chamberlain holds the record, with 53 rebounds against Boston on Nov. 24, 1960.

? What player holds the record for the best career free-throw average?

•Bill Sharman of Boston (1951-1961). He made 3,143 foul shots out of 3,557 attempts, for a .883 average.

? Until the 1962 season Harry Gallatin of New York held the record for playing in consecutive regular-season games—682. He had played in every game during his career with the New York Knicks (1948-1959). Who broke his record?

•Dolph Schayes had played in 706 consecutive games before being sidelined with a broken jawbone on Dec. 26, 1961.