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An NIT basketball championship quiz to stimulate the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

? What teams played in the first National Invitation Tournament in 1938 and what were the results?

•Four eastern teams—Temple, Bradley, New York University and Long Island University—competed in the preliminary round. (Temple beat Bradley; NYU defeated LIU.) Oklahoma A&M and Colorado, two outstanding teams from other areas of the country, competed in the semifinals, in which Colorado beat NYU and Temple defeated the Oklahoma A&M squad. Temple won the final by beating Colorado, and the Oklahoma team took third place from NYU.

? What college has won the most NIT championships?

•St. John's, with three victories (1943, 1944 and 1959). St. John's is also the only college to win the tournament twice in succession. LIU (1939 and 1941) and Bradley (1957 and 1960) are the only other two-time winners.

? What college has been runner-up in the most tournaments?

•Dayton. It finally won the NIT last year, after losing in the final five times—to five different schools.

? George Mikan of DePaul is one of two players who have been the NIT's high scorer two years in succession (1944 and 1945). Who is the other one?

•Don Meineke of Dayton. He led the 1951 and 1952 tournaments, both in total points and in points made in a single game.

? In the past 25 tournaments, the MVP award has gone to a player from the championship team 19 times. Name the six MVPs whose schools didn't win the NIT.

•Bill Lloyd of St. John's (1939), Frank Baumholtz of Ohio (1941), Ernie Calverley of Rhode Island State (1946), Maurice Stokes of St. Francis, Pa. (1955), Win Wilfong of Memphis State (1957) and Len Wilkens of Providence (1960).