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An NBA championship playoff quiz to stimulate the memory and increase the knowledge of fans

? Boston has won the last four consecutive championships (1959-1962). What other teams have won in successive years?

•Only the Minneapolis Lakers (now Los Angeles). They won two in a row (1949 and 1950), then took three straight playoffs from 1952 through 1954.

? Has any team won the championship without finishing first in its own division?

•Yes. The old Baltimore Bullets in 1948, Minneapolis in 1949 and 1952, and the Rochester Royals in 1951. In every case the team finished second in the Western Division.

? Of the current NBA teams, which ones have failed to win a championship—either in their present cities or earlier ones?

•The Detroit Pistons, when in Fort Wayne (Ind.), were in the final only twice (1955 and 1956) and lost both times. The New York Knickerbockers are the only original NBA team still playing that hasn't won a championship. They were Eastern Division title-holders twice but were beaten in the final three straight years (1951-1953). Chicago's original NBA team made the first championship playoff in 1947, only to be beaten by Philadelphia. It dropped out of the league after the 1950 season and Chicago didn't have another NBA representative until last year, when the franchise was revived.

? Has any team won the final in four straight games?

•Just one, the Boston Celtics. They shut out Minneapolis for the 1959 championship, after being extended to seven games in the Eastern semifinals with Syracuse.

? Wilt Chamberlain of Philadelphia (now San Francisco) scored 56 points in a playoff game against Syracuse in 1962. Has anyone made more points in a single playoff game?

•Yes. The Lakers' Elgin Baylor scored 61 points against Boston in the fifth game of the 1962 final. He sank 22 of 46 field-goal attempts (both championship records) to lead Los Angeles to a 126-121 win.