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16 The True Crisis
The scandals in sport obscure the real threat to its basic values. John Underwood discloses it

20 Race Against Time and Tide
Threatened by floodwaters in Australia's outback, Don Campbell readies the Bluebird for another record attempt

22 Tokyo's Garden of Golf
At a novel three-tiered driving range in downtown Tokyo, the golf-happy Japanese swat 300,000 balls a day

24 Everything's Green & Gold in K.C.
Led by a shortstop with a split personality, the colorful Athletics fight for the league lead

32 Happy Trailering Part II
In color photographs and words, a world of solitude and beauty for the mobile camper who seeks the unusual

43 Board, Books and Birdies
The University of Houston is leading the way in an upsurge that has made college golf the high minors of the sport

72 Cool Wave of Color
The sporting look for summer is flame-bright for men, flowery for women

84 Two Big Bwanas in Kenya
Actor Bill Holden and Oilman Ray Ryan have bet a million they will keep their magnificent Safari Club

The departments

11 Scorecard
56 Rowing
63 Baseball
69 Horse Racing
72 Sporting Look
80 Harness Racing
105 Baseball's Week
106 For the Record
107 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Mark Kauffman

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Next week

Driver Dan Gurney, behind the wheel of his startling rear-engined Lotus-Ford, will be spearheading a rebellion at Indianapolis. A preview of the big "500" by Kenneth Rudeen.

The Littlest Angel, Albie Pearson, is a hot dog in center field for L. A. and looks like a typical, cocky small man, but Gilbert Rogin reports he is startlingly different offstage.

Sherlock Holmes, sportsman, is the theme of a remarkable study that, with its unusual etchings, will be considered a classic by all those attached to the great detective's memory.