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Audrey MacLeod, 11, locally famous as a "real holler guy" in Nevada baseball circles, is the first girl member of her Mayfair school sixth-grade team. The youngster, who gave up ballet for baseball, hopes to carry her fight for athletic integration right on to junior high school.

Andy Marzich, 27, of Long Beach, Calif., after only a year on the tour, has given the top pins of the Professional Bowlers Association a run for the prize money. He finished the winter-spring tour with earnings of $21,863 and might well emerge as Bowler of the Year.

Willie Dawson of Memphis, Tenn. celebrated his 16th birthday four days late by running the 100-yard dash in 9.4 to tie the schoolboy mark first set by Jesse Owens in 1933. Competing for only two years, he was hampered last season by a leg injury.

Tom Blodgett, 24, of Great Barrington, Mass., a former Harvard student now studying at Cambridge, paced the Cantabrigians to victory over Oxford in their 89th track and field meet. He won four events, set records in three and ended the day blistered but happy.

Dan Tehan, now serving his fourth four-year term as a Hamilton County (Cincinnati) sheriff, has been enforcing law and order on a different field for even longer. He recently signed as an official of the National Football League for a record 34th season.

Ken Widman, a 19-year old pitcher for the State University of New York in Farmingdale, shattered all marks by striking out 32 men in a game that went 18 innings. The victory put his team in the finals of the National Junior College tourney and left Ken with a 7-1 season record.