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14 Who Loves Harvard?
Affection for the football team is endemic in Cambridge, especially after the win over Dartmouth

18 Incident in a Paris Fog
As royalty and the French looked on, two surprising Spaniards shook the balance of power in world golf

22 Fire Watch in a Dry Woodland
Twelve of 14 states in the drought-stricken eastern forest region have closed their woods to hunters and outdoorsmen

27 An AFL Coach Finds Riches
Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders has money, a beautiful wife and a team that beat San Diego last Sunday

30 Football in Mud Time
Every Sunday in the fall the pros play ball, rain or shine. Here some smeary heroes are photographed in color

36 The Bookies of Doom
Some of the boldest sportsmen are the insurance brokers who set the odds on athletes' impending perils

50 Big Lines in the Big Ten
Not since the mid-'50s have the major midwestern teams been able to field as many topflight linemen

60 Whooping Baron of the Prairie
An Oklahoma legend is John Zink, who lives in uproarious feudal splendor and builds race cars that win at Indy

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7 Scorecard
47 Olympic Games
50 College Football
56 Pro Football
58 Horse Shows
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by James Drake

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