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Barefoot in the Driver's Seat


Back in those early autumn days of innocence when people believed in teams like Texas and LSU, the only thing that set Michigan State apart was the bare right foot of Place Kicker Dick Kenney, a Hawaiian who leaves the crowds wincing as he puts his toes squarely into the ball. But as it turned out, there was more to the Spartan offense than Kenney's flashing pedicure. There was, for instance, another Hawaiian, sophomore Fullback Bob Apisa, who Saturday ran his touchdown total to nine (tops in the Big Ten) by scoring three more as State made Northwestern its seventh straight victim 49-7. Virtually assured the Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl bid, Michigan State, with a meaner schedule than either Arkansas (page 30) or Nebraska (page 38), leads a three-team dogfight for national honors. But therein lies its problem. While the other two have easier teams left to play, State has a November 20 date with Notre Dame.