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The Perils of Deep Powder


The great danger in skiing powder snow is not that one might disappear into its bottomless fluff but that all other forms of skiing will forever after lose their charm. In comparison with this glorious specialty of the high, dry American West, conventional ski slopes become manicured bores. Once the province of a few adventurers who developed special techniques for skiing it with effortless flotation, deep powder now captivates skiers from all over the world. Two of today's experts, Ted Johnson and his wife Wilma, swing through Alta powder on the next eight pages; then comes a lesson from a famed instructor, and after that a guide to the powder resorts.

Crust flies as Ted Johnson blasts through powder hardened by wind

In the swirling cloud of a turn, only an arm and pole are visible

Together the Johnsons swoop down a Wasatch landscape