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26 Lightning Through the Wreckage
In an Indy 500 of many calamities defending champ Al Unser drove an aptly named car to victory

30 Young Britons Win an Old Cup
In a stunning upset, Great Britain won the Walker Cup from the U.S. for only the second time in half a century

32 No Member From the Wedding
Big Lew chose a honeymoon over the pro All-Star Game, so his NBA teammates had a battle on their hands

34 Let Me Make One Thing Clear
New Orleans seeks to build a sporting pleasure dome, but construction is being held up by monumental costs

40 A Game Man Might Risk a Bet
Winning golf's Grand Slam is a million-to-one shot, but Jack Nicklaus believes someone might succeed in '72

48 New Breed, New Ideas, New Taxes
Some imaginative men are defying high taxes in an effort to revive California's thoroughbred breeding industry

54 In the Mood—for Baseball
Organist Jane Jarvis may not win games for the New York Mets, but she sure has everybody thinking positively

86 Himalayan Trek or Treat
Now you can trek, a euphemism for walking—or limping—up and down through steep, stony, beautiful Nepal

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113 19th Hole

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Final jewel in racing's Triple Crown is the Belmont, in which a select field will test Canonero II, the Cinderella horse from Venezuela who won the Derby and the Preakness.

The ghosts of golfers past haunt the demanding rough and narrow fairways of Merion, site of this year's U.S. Open. A look at the course with a preview by Dan Jenkins.

Stark contrasts are part of minor-league baseball—men succeeding and men failing on the same club. A profile of one who is too young and one who has become too old.