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Yeah, but who's going to believe you broke your leg skiing in the middle of summer?

The newest phenomenon in the ski business is the summer racing camp. It is no longer necessary to be a national team member to benefit from summer on-snow training, for there are now more than 30 such camps operating here and abroad. The U.S. camps are reaching the height of their activity this month and next, and skiers who hurry may still be able to enroll.

Most of the camps are coeducational and open to all ages from 9 up. The participant should be a strong parallel skier, and emphasis is put on slalom and giant slalom training, with only slight downhill work. There are generally five to six hours of on-snow training daily, and sometimes extracurricular activities—volleyball, tennis and soccer—in the late afternoons. In the evening there is a critique of the day's work, an analysis of video tapes, instruction on the care of equipment and viewing of ski films. Prices vary, but the average range is between $200 and $400, depending on the length of the session. Most are for one week, but some extend to 10 days or longer.

Rick Rosen of Aspen, Colo. trains groups of 25 skiers at each of three 20-day sessions at the 12,000-foot level in Montezuma Basin. He estimates that it takes about five days for a person to regain his ski legs and another five to correct mistakes, hence the extended session. He has two classes left. They start July 5 and August 17 and each costs $400.

Billy Kidd and Egon Zimmermann are guest coaches this year at the Twin Lakes Headwall in the Beartooth Mountains near Red Lodge, Mont., where two 10-day sessions remain this summer, starting June 26 and July 6, at $260 each. Austrians Pepi Gramshammer, Anderl Molterer and Erich Sailer codirect the camp.

Bend, Ore. is the site of Bob Beattie's children's camp, sponsored by the Garcia Corp. One session, beginning this week, remains for this year. Bill Marolt heads the coaching staff. Cost for the 10-day session: $285.

The All-American Ski Camp in Cooke City, Mont. is in its fifth year, now under the sponsorship of Spalding. Director John Hitchcock leads 10-day sessions for average recreational skiers from age 12 and up. The final class begins June 29 and costs $270.

Pepi Stiegler, who heads the Jackson Hole ski school, is also director of its summer camp on Rendezvous Peak in Cody Bowl. The facility is in its fourth year. The last of the 10-day sessions will begin on June 28 and costs $260.

With the long, snowless summer stretching out ahead, these icy Chautauquas are as welcome to action-starved skiers as a toddy on a mountaintop.