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14 A Waltz at Wimbledon
Evonne Goolagong was queen of the ball as she and fellow Aussie John Newcombe won the biggest titles in tennis

18 Captain Marvel and Captain Nice
It was a wonder that Bill Marvel got the track built on time, and a dandy 500 for mild Mark Donohue

20 Still Something of a Summit Meeting
Supposedly tame stuff now, the U.S.-Russian track meet came up with a stunning new world record

22 Humming a Rhapsody in Blue
Vida Blue, that is, the left-handed whiz of the Oakland A's who is fast becoming a winner all the way

28 In the Wake of the Capsize Kid
Spurred on by his love of a good fight, Ted Turner stopped dunking dinghies and started winning ocean races

36 New Life for an Old Ball Game
The pleasures of boccie are savored by the aging, who find its subtle demands most sporting

48 To the Brink—and Beyond
Niagara Falls is a compelling wonder, a sight that moves men strangely, luring some over the edge in barrels

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11 Scorecard
42 Baseball
44 Hollerin'
46 Fishing
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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