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14 Lift a Pint to the King, Luv
Master of one empire Britain won't lose, Jackie Stewart tames some upstart lions in his home Grand Prix

18 Aesop Is the Official Scorer
In the National League batting race, the main contenders are The Tortoise and The Hare

20 Africa Was Right On in Dixie
The largest track crowd of 1971 sees the U.S. win, but a tiny Ethiopian steals the show for the visitors

24 He Has Heavy Things on His Mind
Muhammad Ali shows signs of losing interest as he prepares for his bout with Jimmy Ellis

30 What Hath Roth Got?
In this instance irrepressible artist Arnold Roth hath got a wild and wicked eye on harness racing

36 A Decade of Revenge
George Blanda, the senior citizen of the AFL, showed he wasn't dead yet. Second of a three-part series

62 Feeling One's Way Across the Chasm
The world of children lies beyond the ken of grown-ups, as the author finds while running a day camp

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9 Scorecard
46 People
51 Baseball's Week
54 Golf
56 Bullfighting
58 Tennis
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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Outtasight is where Pittsburgh seems headed in the National League's Eastern race, propelled largely by the bat of its cleanup hitter and prime MVP candidate Willie Stargell.

Friendly enemies Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Ellis meet in the Houston Astrodome to decide who gets a return shot at Joe Frazier for the title. Tex Maule reports.

The world's meanest auto race plunges modern drivers into the ancient culture of East Africa. Robert F. Jones describes the impact on men and machines of an exotic land.