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26 In Seven, as in Heaven
Exultant New York upset Boston in the last game to advance into the NBA finals against Los Angeles

30 Off the Bike and into the Box
They may not all be sound of limb, but baseball's designated hitters are whaling the ball

32 The Won and Lost Weekend
Trying a unique double, the Bowling Green four-mile-relay team triumphed at Drake but toppled at Penn

34 Big Little Man of the Black Hawks
Chicago's smallest defenseman, Pat Stapleton, shoulders heavy responsibilities in the Stanley Cup playoff

42 Where There's Smoke, There's Luis
The Red Sox astonishing pitcher, Luis Tiant, enjoys expensive cigars and the crowd's adulation

56 Boom in Mahogany and Brass
Antique boat fever is skyrocketing the value of the hulls of a more craftsmanlike era

60 Of Arms and Men They Sing
They felt poetry in their guns, but there in the desert they tested themselves on a killing course

106 A Day of Wine and Roses
Horses falling in the Derby brought it all crashing back: a conversation (or was it a dream?) about a fix

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125 For the Record
126 19th Hole

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The charge of the Angle Light Brigade takes place at Churchill Downs as an army of small shots tries to knock off top-brass Secretariat and Sham in the Kentucky Derby.

The Russians are coming—and going—to U.S. basketball courts. Barry McDermott reports on the series that revenge-minded Americans have ached for since the upset at Munich.

The adventure of four dilettantes, who take to the Ochlockonee River in canoes and wend their whimsical way to the Gulf of Mexico, is described by John Underwood.