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Richard Moore, 9, a fourth grader from Philadelphia, received his Black Belt in Korean karate. Richard has been training for three years at the Tae Kwon-Do Moo Duk Kwan-School. He has compiled 12 first-place tournament wins in his career.

Sally Villareal, a 5'1" forward for McMullen County (Texas) High, led her basketball team to its third straight regional tournament and a 33-2 record. A senior, she averaged 34.4 points per game, shooting 73.2% from the field for a 3,877 three-year career total.

Scott Horstman, 11, from Waco, Texas, paced his YMCA basketball team, the Bears, to state championships in 1972 and 1973. In three years of play he has scored 1,867 points. He averaged 25.3 a game this season as the Bears amassed a 29-0 record.

Eddie Bane, a 5'9" southpaw for Arizona State, broke the NCAA career record for strikeouts with 489 in less than three years. This season he is 12-1 with a perfect 9-0 game over California State. He currently leads the NCAA in strikeouts with 146.

Steve Parsons, of Northfield, Ill., holds 13 track and field records for one-year-olds, including a 53.8 for the 100-yard dash and a discus throw of 3'6½". Steve, whose father is a high school cross-country coach, also holds the mile run mark with a 24:16.6.

Linda Nelson, 15, a sophomore at Moore High (Louisville), finished first in all four events at the Kentucky 'State High School Girls' Gymnastic Meet. Linda took her specialty, the uneven bars, with 18.05 points (out of 20) and averaged 17.88 in the others.