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14 Two-Sided, For Once
The Dolphins may have been bored, but the All-Stars had fun in practice and they almost had even more in the game

18 A Sweet 16 Dance at Charleston
Betsy Nagelsen, seeded No. 9, turned out to be No. 1 when she beat Jeanne Evert for the girls' championship

20 Cashing in Those Intangibles
Some old St. Louis baseball magic pops up to help the Cardinals reverse their early-season debacle

24 He Is No Prisoner of Zenda
Buddy Melges has ranged far from his home base in Wisconsin to win sailing renown

30 Learning the Game by Rote
Son of a famous football father, Kyle Rote Jr. gets his kicks from soccer. Now he is the sport's Great American Hope

34 Stepping Out on a Limbo
Once it was like riding down in an elevator, but now parachuting is a fast-rising, zesty sport

52 Thrown to the Lions
Quarterback George Plimpton is mauled once more; this time he learns the hate, as well as hazards, of the pro game

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11 Scorecard
40 People
42 Baseball
47 Track & Field
50 Fishing
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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