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14 Marlboro Country Is a Vale of Tears
Onion left 'em crying by beating Secretariat. For Penny Tweedy and the others, it was close—but no cigarette

20 Fastest Legs in Two Leagues
Already a world-beating speed skater, Sheila Young adds wheels and whirs her way to still another title

22 Hottest Guns in the South
Some 900 shooters have shotguns and did travel to sultry Savannah for the World Championships

28 'I Talk Real Polite and Nice'
That is Leo Durocher when cornered by troublemakers, but at 67 he can still flay a hide when he so chooses

36 Trying the Dance of Shiva
Adam Smith, the financial expert, explores tennis at the Esalen Institute and finds the perfect game is in him

42 Down Will Come Baby, Cycle and All
Among lessons learned at mother's knee these days are drink your milk, watch your revs and win the trophy

68 Memory of Boyhood
For the young in that poverty-stricken Missouri farmland, fishing was a source of both food and wonder

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50 People
52 Baseball
59 Pro Football
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81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

Young and old Dodgers, Bill Russell and Claude Osteen to name just two, have held the lead in the National League West. Bill Leggett reports on the revival in Los Angeles.

For the first time in years Jack Nicklaus is not the favorite in a major championship. In the PGA the man to watch is heroic Tom Weiskopf. Dan Jenkins describes the struggle.

Immaculate reception capped the Pittsburgh Steelers' rise from the slag heap last season. Myron Cope, a long-suffering fan, tells it like it was, and is and may be.