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16 Staring and Starring
Whether glowering in practice or glowing in action, Duane Thomas seems to have found himself as a Redskin

20 The Flight That Failed
The balloon left at dawn, but few realized that, win or lose, here was another last American hero

24 Pinning Down the Voodoo Ball
Big-league pitchers have nightmares about the Haiti ball, but in that impoverished land it is a dream come true

30 Visions of Eight
The film of the Munich Olympics is not a report on the Games but the artistic impressions of eight famed directors

36 A Machine with Two Pistons
Luc Robillard and Jerry Kellogg pounded through 15 painful hours to win the AuSable Canoe Marathon

54 Turning a Horse Back to a Pony
After starting small and swelling ever bigger, the Mustang has returned to its original sporty car heritage

64 Run, Rabbit, Run
No harebrained scheme, Owen Smith's mechanical bunny put dog racing on the track and helped nab Al Capone

The departments

11 Scorecard
44 People
47 Baseball
52 Bridge
54 Motor Sports
56 Tennis
60 Golf
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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