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22 Po-tential Almost Stole It
Lefty Driesell said Maryland could beat UCLA, and for several rapturous moments he nearly was a prophet

26 America Went Way Down Under
Australia's John Newcombe and Rod Laver performed precision surgery on the U.S., cutting loose the Davis Cup

28 Lessons from the Old Masters
Hockey idols Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull met for the first time in a WHA game and skated up a storm

30 Lull Beneath the Jacaranda Tree
All too briefly, color was a thing of beauty when Arthur Ashe and Bob Foster showed their skills to South Africa

36 Making Sport of Us All
The coddling of pro athletes has become commonplace, causing dire changes in attitudes and ethics

44 In Steve's Book, the 'I' Has It
And the apple of Agent Steve Vaonakis' eye is Vincent Bracciale, at 20 already a top jockey

52 Close and a Big Cigar
The Cowboys will be meeting the Redskins in a game in which the team that loses could be the winner

70 Where the Wild Goose Goes
Having tripled in population in 20 years, Canada geese are now the No. 1 winter tourists of the Chesapeake

102 I'm Icarus—Fly Me
The legend began with feathers and wax, but now man's dream of free flight is called hang gliding

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Mighty though young, traditional foes Indiana and Kentucky meet in Louisville. Barry McDermott reports on Mid-America's first showdown of the college basketball season.

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