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16 Ali-Frazier: Rematch Time
In a tumultuous week, the ex-champions gave their fervid backers far more than just a fistfight

20 Great Scott!
The Detroit Pistons are hitting on all 12 cylinders since Coach Ray Scott tinkered around with the defense

22 Two Greenies and a Whammy
Rod Laver maintains his hex over fellow Greenie Arthur Ashe, beating him for the 18th straight time

24 End of a Week that Never Was
Short were the glory days at Notre Dame, but they had their golden moments. Then...

32 Clearing Life's Hurdles
Decathlete Bud Deacon is 62, but he shows few signs of slowing down. In some cases, he is even speeding up

44 Corsairs of the Southern Circuit
As winter's biggest competition approaches, the Atlantic offers big-boat men rare vistas of sea and sail

72 Footfalls in a Blue Ridge Winter
There was time for thought, meandering across the frozen land: an excerpt from a Book-of-the-Month Club choice

The departments

11 Scorecard
50 People
57 College Basketball
62 Bridge
64 Sailing
67 Slingshooting
70 Track & Field
82 For the Record
85 19th Hole

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Next week

Happy draftees are the collegians who will reap the real spoils of pro football's newest war. But for the Establishment the player draft holds little more than false hopes.

Another Texas Ben is playing with Hogan ferocity, but this one is boyish, smiling and mod. A look at Ben Crenshaw, who in his brief pro career has a win and two seconds.

Wall street may no longer be bullish on America, but down in Texas is a man who is riding high on an outlaw, ornery herd that raises all kinds of Cain on the rodeo circuit.