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Original Issue

Corsairs of the Southern circuit

O lucky man, the sailor. He says fill 'er up and the wind obliges. This weekend the nation's swiftest yachts and hottest helmsmen will fill sails with nature's ancient, gloriously abundant energy and embark upon what one skipper calls "the best ocean racing in this part of the world." This is the Southern Ocean Racing Conference—six events focused on St. Petersburg, then Miami, and finally Nassau, featuring a fleet of yachts from East, West, the Lakes and the Gulf. These pages offer a SORC sampler of sail, sea and harbor.

The famed skipper Ted Turner hurries his sloop "Lightnin' " toward Nassau. In sunny harbor creatures finny and feminine are observed.

Controversy swirls about strange craft like the 1973 Miami-Nassau winner, "Cascade," but there is a timeless serenity at journey's end.