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16 Full of Sound and Fury
...but often signifying nothing is the pro football draft, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

20 Big Noise Blew In from Pomona
Throbbing ears, Funny Cars and a horrendous crackup marked drag racing's Winternationals in California

22 Heydays of a Barnburner
Busy Steve Piatt has become college basketball's leading scorer while farming 500 acres full time

24 Dashing Through the Dough
The New York Rangers are hockey's highest-paid team, but they can't seem to buy a Stanley Cup

32 Gentle Ben Is Very Tough
At 22, Ben Crenshaw may look like the boy next door but put a golf club in his hands and he becomes a killer

38 Snowplace Like Home
If you must get out in Wyoming's winter wilderness, at least learn how to build yourself a proper snow cave

44 Not Zonk, Just Zonkers
Broadway star Peter Cook has a genius for comedy and sporting predictions—like Miami by 17 at the half

60 Riding High on a Bull Market
Wall Street's thundering herd is tame compared with the outlaw stock Texan Tommy Steiner wheels and deals

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11 Scorecard
48 People
50 College Basketball
56 Baseball
72 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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HORNS OF A DILEMMA: Against a predictable barrage of criticism, America's foremost trophy hunters defend the position that their collections indeed serve a useful purpose.