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72 Up in Nature's Attic
For years the American Museum of Natural History has been a sort of goodwill industry: Admiral Peary donated six live Eskimos, Teddy Roosevelt a dead turtle, and Zane Grey an equally moribund one-ton sunfish. But the vast Manhattan boneyard offers more than skeletons in its closets.
by J. D. Reed

14 A Beaut of a Brawl
Washington and Buffalo, two of the best, beat up on each other in the NBA semifinals
by Pat Putnam

18 Where There's Smoke...
Dodgers vs. Reds, the most inflammatory rivalry in baseball, flames anew
by Ron Fimrite

20 Penguins Can't Fly?
Thriving on the ice, Pittsburgh's NHL entry remains a financially endangered species
by Mark Mulvoy

22 Rebel With a Creaky Cause
Jack Scott tried to radicalize athletics but he is embattled and isolated now
by Ray Kennedy

30 Serving Up an Explosive Set
The first skirmish of the tennis revolution has been won. Now comes the battle
by Frank Deford

42 Goodby to All That
In the concluding installment from his memoirs, Durocher assesses today's game
by Leo Durocher with Ed Linn

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9 Scorecard
34 Weight Lifting
54 Baseball
58 Tennis
62 Pro Basketball
69 Golf
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

Next Week

The Roses ate ready to adorn the neck of the Derby winner. Stretching his neck out, Whitney Tower appraises the chances of Foolish Pleasure, Prince Thou Art, Avatar and the other likely-looking colts bound for Churchill Downs.

Tearing up comes Houston McTear, a high school junior out of backwoods Florida who has run the 100 in 9.3 six times, has whipped the Russians and has his eyes on the Olympics. Ron Reid pays a visit to the young flash.