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34 Warming Up For the Winter
Bounding around in bikinis and boots, the students have assembled at Lake Tahoe to polish up their stunts for the coming ski season. Today's freestylers can earn big prize money and that's why, when told to go jump in a lake, the kids eagerly obey the order.
by Jule Campbell

16 It Was Like Old Times
In a series reminiscent of past thrillers, the Red Sox wrested first place from the Yanks
by Ron Fimrite

20 Betting at Centre Court? Gad!
Wagering at Wimbledon shakes tradition but the tournament is running to form
by Joe Jares

22 Two Ways to Stick It to 'Em
Pro lacrosse's best players, Paul Suggate and John Davis, share only scoring ability
by Larry Keith

24 They'll Burn from the Start
That's what horsemen believe Ruffian and Foolish Pleasure must do in the match-up
by Jack Mann

30 A Lady Pulled in Two Directions
Gail Pierson prefers to think about rowing in the Olympics, but she has another career
by J. D. Reed

56 The Earl of Rasp
Baltimore's Earl Weaver may grate, but only Joe McCarthy has been greater
by Myron Cope

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68 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Dick Raphael



Next Week

Smooth as strawberries and cream went Wimbledon's first week, but now things get sticky. Will bells ring again for Evert and Connors? Can Borg survive his fans? Joe Jares reports on the final three rounds.

A thoroughly modern filly and a courageous colt move into the starting gate for the Ruffian-Foolish Pleasure match race at Belmont. Jack Mann describes the 1-mile run worth $225,000 to the winner.