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facing up to the cold facts


The masked rider at right isn't really going to stick up the lift line. She's muffled in a new neck-and-nose warmer that typifies a trend to sensibility and comfort in skiing. As the array of gear on the following pages will show, manufacturers haven't forgotten such other items as fingers and toes

A sampling of the season's new gear includes Comfort Products Lunar gloves (far left). Solid-state circuitry heats them at the flick of a switch; they produce 25 two-minute bursts of warmth per ski-day and are recharged overnight. Nordica's green Meteor boot features interior heel springs to soften shocks, and Olin's blue T/1 model offers dial-in adjustments for comfort and forward lean. The new touch in Bogner's red suit is total stretch in both the lining and nylon outer layer; the suit zips apart at the waistline. Skimer's one-piece white nylon jump suit is fully insulated; the vest, currently a hot item with skiers, is for extra-cold days. Another lunar look comes with Nordica's indoor-outdoor after-ski boots; the shells pop on for traction. The spring-activated Ski Stopper is one of 15 versions of ski-brakes now making the rounds; it swings down to halt runaway skis after a binding-buster fall and replaces old safety straps.